I hope that you all had an enjoyable holiday season and were able to spend time with family and friends. I also hope you were able to get a bit of rest, because we are all going to be very busy this year.  In light of our continued growth, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the new IACO website. This new site includes some amazing features that will allow IACO to continue to stay in the forefront of technology use. The new system/site has a calendar function that will allow the Affiliate groups to post their events and activities. There is also a new conference registration system that will be used for the IACO conferences (and can even be extended down to the Affiliates if they would like to use some of the features for their conferences). With the registration system, we will also be able to post an electronic version of the program book that will contain the agendas and information about the conference. And you will be able to access it all from the comfort of your own smartphone!

There is a “Members-Only” section that will allow members to exchange ideas and discussions in a secure setting. We will be rolling out the features in stages, so stay tuned for more information as we grow the program.

I look forward to- seeing you all at the Spring conference in Springfield April 8-10!  Online Conference Registration is now open!

Scott G. Erickson, President

Message from our President:

You are going to see a lot of new faces at the conferences as we have had  many of our seasoned officials decided that the time was right to move on to different adventures.  We also want to welcome back our County Board member friends from the Illinois Association of County Board Members.  We are so glad to have you back with us again. If you are one of our returning seasoned officials, we are glad to have you back!

I would like to thank all those who attended the Fall conference in Peoria this past November.  Peoria always seems to bring out the best for us and we are happy to be able to see how it “Plays in Peoria”.   The educational programing team did an amazing job setting up the sessions and I look forward to their plans for April.  We are always striving to make the conferences beneficial for you, and we will continue this goal into the New Year.  We will continue to work on building our organization on our strong foundations theme that was unveiled in November.  

With the changes in some of the Constitutional offices, we are preparing for a very rough legislative year.  Thank goodness that we will have the IACO Legislative Committee back to help again this year.  The group had a successful first year and I know that the team led again by Mark Armstrong will do its best to keep us all informed about the legislative storms as they come about.  Thank you Mark for taking on this leadership position again!


Mark Your Calendar Now for Future IACO Conferences

November 13-15, 2019
Pere Marquette Hotel - Peoria, IL
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April 20-22, 2020
Wyndham Hotel - Springfield, IL